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CrimboFreak  Character

Meet the rest of the Crimbo Freak Christmas Jumper Characters exclusively designed by Christmas Jumper Company.

Wally joined the CrimboFreak Family in 2012.Wally is an adorable teenager with a bright future ahead of him; he is a socially lively reindeer committed to his rock band 'Spotty Elk'

Colin is a new addition to the CrimboFreak family, joining the team in 2012 Colin is a true romantic at heart and is always looking for love

Frosty Snowman joined our team in 2009. He is a jovial character with a larger than life personality.

Perry is also a new addiition to the CrimboFreak team, joining in 2012 Perry has been described as being "as mad as a box of frogs". He is totally hyperactive and always overstimulated by the simplest of things.

CrimboFreaks Elf Christmas Jumper design.

Childrens Christmas Jumpers

Efin and the other elves’ have been around for a long long time helping Santa in his workshop. This Christmas look how spectacularly your presents are wrapped, and how new and pristine your toys look in their shinny boxes.

Effin reluctantly has agreed to take time out from Santa’s workshop this year and help the CrimboFreak team with their Christmas jumper disbursements, so you will all get your Christmas jumpers in plenty of time for the festive celebrations.

CrimboFreaks Fairy Christmas Jumper design.

The Christmas Treetop Fairy, with a touch of her wand she can make the tree’s glisten with snow, but without her magic a Christmas tree is just a tree like any other tree, but she can make it into a thing of beauty, a magic tree with glowing colours and twinkly lights.

As Christmas time approaches she will sprinkle fairy dust in your home and everything will become magical for a couple of minutes, this is to let you know she is there to fill your head with joyous Christmas cheer in anticipation for Christmas day.

Rudolf joined the team in 2009 with his best pal Frosty. Rudolf is the most recognised character with a large fan base and is the wise and wonderful elder of the reindeer family and Santas no.1.

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