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Christmas jumper for all the family, unique designs from the Christmas jumper company for a life less ordinary.

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Christmas Jumper Company was Est. 2007


We was one of the 1st UK's Original Christmas Jumper Companies.  


We have made Christmas Jumpers for:

Nintendo - Sony – Where’s Wally

– Game of Thrones.

If you’d have told Erica and Dave that in just four years they’d be one of the UK’s well-known stockists of Christmas Jumpers, also involved in the design and manufacturing of novelty knitwear for big names like Nintendo and Sony and featured on adverts ranging from the BBC to ITV, they’d have laughed in your face. And then laughed some more.


Based in Manchester, the couple wanted their Christmas Jumper designs to be a concoction of classic, retro chunky knit mixed with a contemporary flair that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Inspired by vintage christmas jumpers from the 60’s, the creative pair hopes their Christmas Jumpers are an investment that will make an appearance at Christmas dinner tables across the world - for many years to come!

With 2014 christmas jumper season literally around the corner their dreams are fast becoming a reality. All systems are a go-go for the couple - there are Nine new unisex Christmas Jumper designs for 2014 with matching IPhone/Mobile and IPad/Tablet Covers for you to feast your eyes on.


Not only that, they’ve even had time to launch a new brand Slouch Pouch® designer onesies for those winter months and Christmas TShirts range requested by there customers in warmer climates. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least and they hope this year is equally as successful, bringing a smile to the faces of everyone who buys a Christmas Jumper, Accessories or Christmas onesies and joins the Crimbo Freak family.

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